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While the East Coast faced snow and cold last weekend (2/2/95 - 2/6/95), I spent 4 wild days at Hedonism II in Negril, Jamaica! It's an all-inclusive SuperClub, with a reputation for non-stop activity and, well, hedonism. I had a fantastic time, though it's taken me several days to catch up on my sleep! (The SuperClubs number is (800)859-7873. All Inclusive Vacations, (800)944-3862, also has good web sites for Hedonism II and SuperClubs. Also check out a book called "The Naked Truth About Hedonism II" and the Hedonism II Webring.)

"Nudes and Prudes" -- Hedonism is divided into a "nude" side (beach, bar and grill, hot tub, aviary, and half the rooms) and a "prude" side (beach, pool, restaurant, most activities, and the other rooms). During the day, at least a G-string is required on the prude side (for men or women; mere toplessness is still "prude"), though that requirement seems to vanish at night too. It's not a shining example of "family naturism"; the nude beach and hot tub are prime locations for sexual intimacy and pot-smoking after midnight.

"Where Strippers Go to Party" -- Among the guests were a half dozen strippers from D.C., who swept the "talent" contest on Toga Night, and added a whole new dimension to the Limbo contest.

"Never a Dull Moment" -- During the days, besides lounging on the beach, I tried wind surfing, waterskiing, snorkeling, weight lifting, swinging from a trapeze, playing life-size chess in a G-string, tennis, volleyball, and biking into Negril. In the evenings there was always a party after dinner, a piano bar, and a Disco open until 5am.

"Kinky Architectural Innovation Award" -- The main pool is on the prude side, but is clothing-optional after midnight. One side of the pool has three large plexiglass windows, which look into the Disco. So the dancers in the Disco are treated nightly to a human aquarium (usually including my wild friend Theresa).

"Best Argument for Legalization?" -- Drugs abound, especially tobacco (yech), alcohol (Hedonism has 6 full bars, including the "Bare Buns Bar" on the nude beach; all drinks are free 24 hours a day), and marijuana (technically illegal, but you couldn't tell by looking). Hedonism II couldn't actually distribute "the green stuff", but just off the main beach a guy in a boat (called "Red Rose") did a steady business. One day while wind surfing, I complimented another wind surfer on her ability, and she replied, "Well, I haven't figured out how to turn yet. Yesterday I sailed out too far, and had to get the drug dealer to tow me in!"

I met lots of wonderful people, and had a ton of fun. DB says check it out!

Here are a few questions people have asked me about my recent trip to Hedonism II, in Negril, Jamaica:

No Problem, Mon!

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